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Board Meeting Recap - April 2024

1. Opening Items


2. Board of School Trustees Resolution of Commendation Awards

  • Lake Street 2023-2024 Math Bowl Team for winning 1st place in Lake County in the Orange Class and placing in the state's Top Ten at the Regional Elementary Math Bowl Competition - Team: Lily Elinkowski, Violet Flores, Mila Gibson, Lily Gulbrandsen, Lilith Hausmann, Fiona Hines, Aria Hollinger, Finn Mulder, Evan Ozbilge, Liam Patel-Miller, Axel Paulson, Calvin Ronat, Kevin Scanlon, Kayla Schilling, Ava Sheets, Nolan Skaggs, Jeffrey St. Clair, Caden Wilson, Allen Young; Coaches: Amy Hochbaum, Linda Collier

math bowl team with certificates
  • CPHS 2023-2024 Gymnastics Team for being named the IHSAA State Champions, and the DAC, IHSAA Sectional, and IHSAA Regional Champions - Team: Savannah Corning-Covaciu, Bridget Donovan, Leah Fenner, Elly Kiran, Alana Lockhart, Madelyn Martell, Yalitza Briggs, Grace Charon, Jade Heinze, Morgan Huang, Anna Kostelnik, Simona Stojceski, Katie Tsiakopoulos, Jody Zentz; Coaches: Ami Pysh, Karen Charters, Hannah Best, Katy Smith

gymnastics team with certificates
  • Community patrons Jerry Cavlovic, Dianna Anagnos, Michelle Thiel, Richard Fohn, Temple Vandas, Jenelle Handel, Sarah Johnson, Carrie Mayden, Foster Toft, Diane Sprehe, Tara Morales-Johnston, James Baltzersen, Stephanie Heim, Joaquin Anabe Lopez for their commitment and support of quality education for students in the district by completing the CPCSC Ambassador Program

Ambassador group with certificates

3. Patrons' Comments - none


4. Consent Agenda


5. Action Items

  • Resolution #844 - Support of Military Families. We hope to have all CPCSC schools designated as Purple Star Schools through the IDOE. This resolution is part of that process.

  • CPHS Participation in IJCL Out-of-Country Field Trip to Italy - Out of country field trip for Crown Point High School students to travel with the Indiana Junior Classical League to Italy during Summer 2025.

  • CPHS Out-of-Country Field Trip to Japan and South Korea - 10th-12th grade, July 6-20, 2025. Course prerequisites: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), and/or VEX or FIRST Robotics participation. 

  • Policy Additions and Revisions - Second Reading and Approval - Includes drug free workplace, training/health precautions, and small purchases. 

  • Purchase - CPHS Lab Workstations and Monitors - purchase supports the CPHS Labs refresh cycle to keep technology updated, including Business, Robotics, CAD, Radio and Journalism labs at CPHS.

  • Purchase - Student Chromebooks - Annual refresh of technology for incoming kindergarten, 5th, and 9th grade students.


6. Discussion and Report Items

  • Policy Additions and Revisions - First Reading - includes internal controls, idling of buses and other idling, electronic participation by board members, and visitors to school buildings. These updates include revisions, updates, and a deletion. Changes in policy are required due to changes in state and federal law.


7. Information/Recognition Items

  • Chief Human Resources Officer - Thank you to our staff members who go out of their way to assist students. Mr. Equihua spoke about our high school nurses.

  • Superintendent of Schools - MacArthur Elementary’s playground was open for students to enjoy today. Thank you to our students, staff, parents, and community members for their patience as we continue the many construction projects throughout the district. It’s a journey to complete all of these tasks, but it will provide our students with so many opportunities moving forward. 


8. Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • Mr. Vassar gave a legislative update for the board. The administration will provide more updates this summer regarding some of these changes that might impact students and teachers. As with many recent legislative changes, we are waiting on more information and guidance from IDOE.


9. Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Ms. Bazin - Elementary Math Bowl competition was a wonderful event. CPHS academic honors ceremony was excellent. ILearn testing is happening in our buildings, so thank you to teachers for all of their hard work this time of year.

  • Mr. Angel - Thank you to Russ Marcinek, Carrie Quinn, and the high school team for their hard work on prom. They accommodated every student who was on the waiting list for tickets.

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