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Capital Improvement Projects

In November 2020, the Board of School Trustees unanimously voted to proceed with a capital improvement project that benefits all CPCSC students.

The project includes

  • Construction of a new Taft Middle School
  • Additional classrooms and significant infrastructure upgrades at Crown Point High School, Timothy Ball Elementary, and MacArthur Elementary
  • Infrastructure, technology, and outdoor upgrades in all other CPCSC buildings except for Winfield Elementary (which already finished these improvements in summer 2021)

By the time all capital improvements are finished, the project will touch every CPCSC building and provide an upgraded learning environment for all of our students.

Monthly Project Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Rationale

Planning for this project has been underway for a number of years. Administration and the Board knew they needed to address some important issues that we face at CPCSC:

  • Rapid population growth, which is expected to continue in coming years
  • Overcrowding in classrooms and hallways, especially in secondary schools
  • Aging infrastructure and accessibility issues at Taft
  • Expanding classroom space and upgrading technology that meets the highest standards of programming and curriculum needs
  • Improving common areas like cafeterias, performance spaces, athletic facilities, and playgrounds to be effective and equitable across the district

The Cost

This project is NOT financed by a referendum. The corporation’s existing debt begins to “fall off” over the next three years, allowing the project to be financed via new bonds. This means Crown Point residents will not see an increase in taxes because of this project. There is also additional financial room to pay for other expenses that may come up in future years that are not already financed through the existing operating referendum. 

The initial estimated cost of all capital improvements is $214,000,000. For a breakdown of the project costs by building, please see the board meeting link above from December 14, 2020.