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2023 Redistricting

February Board Meeting - Boundaries and Transition Plans

January Board Meeting - Data Presentation

As our community grows and changes, it is important that we meet the educational needs of every learner. Before this school year began, we announced that redistricting would accompany our many construction projects throughout the district. This is an important step forward for our school community as we look at serving our students for many years to come.

Remember that in redistricting, the overall district boundaries do not change. All Crown Point Community School Corporation students will remain our students, and we are not opening enrollment to students outside the district.

CPCSC used a data-driven approach to redistricting. You can read more about this process below in our FAQs. 

Redistricting provides three opportunities.
  1. Balance enrollment at our elementary and middle schools to match changes in student population.
  2. Align elementary schools so that each building serves students K-5, has space for preschool, and has similar facilities.
  3. Optimize the use of district resources.

Combined, these three items create more equitable learning environments and experiences for our students. It ensures the district is functioning responsibly and with the future in mind. 

You can use our address tool to check which elementary or middle school you will attend next year. 


Boundaries Starting 2023-2024 School Year


FAQs - Processes/Decision Making


goals: balance enrollment, align school, optimize resources
timeline overview: data collection in fall, data analysis in winter, board approval in spring
data driven process: current and anticipated population, use of resources