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2023 Redistricting

As we move through the redistricting process, this page will be continuously updated. We encourage you to check back often as we update information and resources. If you have questions about the redistricting process, please use the form below to submit your question.


goals: balance enrollment, align school, optimize resources
timeline overview: data collection in fall, data analysis in winter, board approval in spring
data driven process: current and anticipated population, use of resources

Yes, it’s true: change is on the horizon. The Crown Point, Cedar Lake, and Winfield communities are growing, and it is important to create long term plans that ensure stability and efficiency of the district. Redistricting will be part of those plans for Crown Point Community School Corporation.

Redistricting is the process of changing school attendance boundary lines. It ensures schools each have a similar number of students so space, staffing, and resources are used effectively. Some students could attend a new school if a student’s address is inside a new boundary line. Lines are only redrawn within the current district borders; it does not open enrollment to those living outside the district. 

CPCSC will use a data-driven approach to redistricting. This begins with collecting and analyzing the current and projected enrollment for each school. A specialized software program will map the data to inform new boundary lines. It's important to know that although data is driving the process, the end goal is creating the best learning environment for every single student.

With the relocation of Taft Middle School and the expansion of Eisenhower, Timothy Ball, Solon, and MacArthur Elementary Schools, elementary schools and both middle schools will be aligned and equal. No school will have more space, resources, or features than any other school. No matter which CPCSC school a student attends, each one will provide the same experience. Every teacher, staff member, and administrator will warmly welcome new students to their building for the 2023-2024 school year.

Most parents understandably have the same question: How will this affect my child(ren)? It is too early in the timeline to provide specific information (see the timeline on this page). As Crown Point Community School Corporation moves through the redistricting process, parents and community members can find more information on this page. If you have questions, please submit them using the form below. We will use those questions to create an FAQ. 


Submit a Question about the Redistricting


Questions received via this form will help create an upcoming FAQ about the redistricting process. After submitting the form, your question will be sent to the administrative team for review. FAQs and answers will be posted in mid-September.

We know your concerns or questions may be specific to your child(ren). It's too early in the process to provide detailed information, but our team will do our best to provide answers as they become available.

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