CPHS Varsity Club Initiative

    Purpose:  To include participation in clubs, co-curricular activities, and the achievement of academic honors as ways to earn a CPHS letter and red lettermen’s jacket.



    Requirements:  For a student to become eligible they must earn a minimum of 21 C-Notes.  C-Notes will be awarded by club sponsors, extra/co-curricular coaches/sponsors.  Students may also earn C-Notes by making the academic honor roll, having perfect attendance, and fulfilling their yearly community service obligation.  In addition, students may earn a varsity letter for being a participating member of a competing academic team and/or qualifying performing arts event.



    ·         Clubs – Students must be active participants in their clubs.  This will be determined by the club sponsor.

    ·         Academic Teams – Determined by Coach or Sponsor

    ·         Academic Achievement/Perfect Attendance – Awarded by semester grading period 

    ·         Co-curricular Activities – One C-Note per year

    ·         Performing Arts – Determined by Director (Band, Choir, Orchestra and/or Drama)



    Process:  Students who have earned 21 C-Notes or a recommendation for a letter from their Academic Team Coach/Sponsor or Performing Arts Director need to follow these directions:



    ·         Present 21 C-Notes earned documentation or Academic Team Coach/Performing Arts Director recommendation to Mrs. Banser in the Assistant Principals' Office.

    ·         Once your documentation is confirmed, Mr. Bauters will sign and give you the form to purchase your lettermen’s jacket.

    ·         Take that signed form to the Assistant Principals' Office and pay $37.30 (Boys) or $35.30 (Girls) to join the Varsity Club as outlined below:


               $30.00 Varsity Club joining dues
                   5.85 BOYS Varsity Letter  
                   1.45 Chevron 
     $30.00 Varsity Club joining dues
         3.85 GIRLS Varsity Letter
         1.45 Chevron


    Your form will then be signed and validated by Mrs. Banser in the Assistant Principals' Office.

    ·         Take the completed confirmation form to Easton’s in Hobart to purchase your jacket.   Please note:  any additional patches including arm numerals and sewing fees are additional and payable directly to Easton’s.