Understanding PE Credits

  • To graduate from CPHS, students must earn 2 Core PE credits.  Students have several options to meet this graduation requirement. 


    • Core PE General Fitness– emphasizes health-related fitness and the development of the skills necessary for a lifetime of activity. This course includes health-related fitness activities (cardio respiratory endurance, muscular, strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition) aerobic exercise, team sports, individual and dual sports, outdoor pursuits, aquatics, dance, and recreational games. 2 semesters, 2 credits

    • Core PE Athletic Development –fulfills the PE requirement while allowing student athletes to enhance athletic skills.  This course is open to 9th graders who are involved in a CPHS athletic team; students should ask their coach if he/she requires PE AD for their athletes.   2 semesters, 2 credits

    • Summer PE –may be taken for 27 days to earn 2 PE credits or for 14 days to earn 1 PE credit; students do not need to attend consecutive days. Summer PE meets from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.; student/parent must provide transportation. Summer PE will not be offered on July 4.

    • PE Waiver – allows students to earn core PE credit(s) through participation in the following CPHS sports and/or activities.  Students may NOT earn (2) credits by participating in the same activity over the course of different seasons.

      • Football
      • Track and Field
      • Wrestling
      • Cross Country
      • Basketball
      • Cheerleading
      • Gymnastics
      • Baseball
      • Volleyball
      • Softball
      • Golf
      • Dance
      • Soccer
      • Tennis
      • Swimming
      • Marching Band
      • Color Guard
      • Unified Track

    Students can earn one PE credit for each sport. If a student participates in football for three years, he can only get one PE credit. If a student participates in cheerleading and golf, she can get two PE credits.

    Athletics not affiliated with CPHS do not qualify for a waiver.

    It is the student’s responsibility to get a PE waiver form on the CPHS website—under “Athletics.” The student must give the form to the coach to fill out. The coach will then submit the form to the athletic secretary for processing.


    It is possible for students to earn two PE credits in various combinations. Below are examples:

    • Full year Core PE = 2 credits
    • Two different sports and/or activities = 2 credits
    • One PE Athletic Development credit and one sport/activity= 2 credits
    • Summer PE 6 weeks (27 days)= 2 credits
    • Summer PE 3 weeks (14 days), one sport/activity= 2 credits
    • Summer PE 3 weeks (14 days), one semester Core PE = 2 credits
    • Summer Engage 6 weeks (29 days)=2 PE credits and 2 Elective credits *Based on selection criteria and availability
      (This program is designed to support a successful academic and behavioral transition to high school.  Students will meet daily with English, math, social studies, and PE teachers.)