A Philosophical Take on Friendship

    by Jacob Boron


    The Political Climate in America

    by Jackson Vrilik



    The Right Hypocrisy

     by Jackson Vrilik


    Our Privacy is Being Damaged

     by Jacob Boron



    GoGuardian Comes to Wheeler

    by Alexis Peterson and Peyton Fryza

    Click here to read about Wheeler's new controversial school program!


    Schnitzel, Songs, and Skeletons (an article about Crown Point's 2017 Oktoberfest 2017)

    by Peyton Fryza and Alexis Peterson

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    School Lunches (April 2017)

    by Anne Gregg and Elizabeth Leitzel


    School Lunches



    Hurtful Words (March 2017)

    By Anne Gregg and Elizabeth Leitzel

    Words, words, words. Words are arguably the most powerful thing on this earth. They can hurt someone or heal someone and follow them for the rest of their lives. Students at Colonel Wheeler have been negatively affected by words. With each paragraph expanding on a specific idea, we explore how words affect people. 


    Hurtful Words



    Student Stress Levels (February 2017)

    By Anne Gregg and Elizabeth Leitzel

    Students are way to over stressed, and we know it. This editorial was written to inform students and teachers about the growing stress levels in our school. We also provide study tips so students have some helpful ways to manage their stress.


    Student Stress Levels