Meet the staff of The Colonel Journal!

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    Name: Elizabeth Leitzel

    Grade: 8th Grade

    Extracurriculars: NJHS, Track , Cross Country, Newspaper, Announcement crew, Band (oboe).

    Topic in Newspaper: Editorial

    Favorite Book: The Scarlet Pimpernel       Elizabeth                                                                 

    Favorite Song: The Ashokan Farewell

    Favorite Food: Rice

    Fun Fact: I am SCUBA certified.

    Name: Anne Gregg

    Grade: 8th Grade

    Extracurriculars: Choir, Drama Club, NJHS, Newspaper, Girl ScoutsAnne                                                                               

    Topic In Newspaper: Editorial

    Favorite Book: Anne of Green Gables

    Favorite Song: Submarines- Lumineers

    Favorite Food: Ice Cream

    Fun Fact: I write my own music with my guitar for fun.


    Name: Brianna Lindmark

    Grade: 6th

    Extracurriculars: Band, Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: Polls

    Favorite Book: The Last Dogs Book 4

    Favorite: Song: Legendary Love by Faydee

    Favorite Food: Tacos

    Fun Fact: I love to do art <3


    Name: Eddie Finn

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: Sports

    Topic In Newspaper: Winter Sports     Eddie                                                       

    Favorite Book: Harry Potter

    Favorite: Song: One Call Away

    Favorite Food: Chicken Dumplings

    Fun Fact: when i'm not playing sports or at school i love to watch TV and play Video games.


    Name: Mya Amelse

    Grade: 8th

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper, Band, Girl Scouts, NJHS

    Topic In Newspaper: World Issues

    Favorite Book: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Favorite: Song: Angel Down- Lady Gaga

    Favorite Food: Veggie Pizza

    Fun Fact: I am the youngest of 5 sisters

    Name: Gigi Sapienza

    Grade: 8th

    Extracurriculars: Art Club, Girl Scouts, Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: World Issues

    Favorite Book: David Copperfield- Charles Dickens`

    Favorite: Song: Birds- Thomas Sanders (ft Terrance Williams)

    Favorite Food: Carrots and Peanut Butter

    Fun Fact: I love musicals! The Heathers is a favorite of mine!


    Name: Paige Burt

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: Polls/Reviews             Paige                                                                                 

    Favorite Book: Lady Or The Tiger

    Favorite: Song: Join the Club By Bring Me Horizon

    Favorite Food: Mac ‘n’ Cheese

    Fun Fact: I Love music and I Write Books!


    Name: Madison Nedohon

    Grade: 7th Grade

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper, Girl Scouts  

    Topic In Newspaper: What the students comprehend about the lessons

    Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

    Favorite: Song: None

    Favorite Food: Bacon Cheese Spaghetti

    Fun Fact: I LOVE math!


    Name: Andrew Goldthorpe

    Grade: 6th

    Extracurriculars: BCO

    Topic In Newspaper: Orchestra

    Favorite Book: The Blood Of Olympus

    Favorite: Song: Radioactive By Imagine Dragons

    Favorite Food: I don’t have one

    Fun Fact: I do two plays every year, Peter Pan and the Nutcracker.


    Name: Faith Serratos

    Grade: 7th Grade

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: Polls/reviews

    Favorite Book: Hunger Games

    Favorite: Song: Starving Hailee Steinfield

    Favorite Food: Pizza

    Fun Fact: I can solve multiple types of Rubik's cubes in under a minute

    Name: Kaydin Chirillo

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: Track, Cross Country, and newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: goldstars

    Favorite Book: The cellar

    Favorite: Song: this town

    Favorite Food:  steak

    Fun Fact: I’m the oldest kid


    Name: Lauren Whetstone

    Grade: 8th

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper, BCO

    Topic In Newspaper: Teacher Spotlight

    Favorite Book: The Silenced by James Divita

    Favorite: Song: Postcards by James Blunt

    Favorite Food: Watermelon

    Fun Fact: I am the youngest in my family


    Name:  Angelica Italiano

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: BCO, Spell Bowl, P7, NJHS, and Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: BCO

    Favorite Book: Hunger Games- Mockingjay

    Favorite: Song: Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara


    Fun Fact: I am 90% Italian and I LOVE SOCCER and ITALY


    Name: Kylie Fajman

    Grade:  7th

    Extracurriculars: BCO, newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: BCO

    Favorite Book: Hunger Games

    Favorite Song: Run to you by Pentatonix

    Favorite Food: Strawberries

    Fun Fact: I have played hockey since I was 5


    Name: Jacob Olesek

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: Band and Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: Sports

    Favorite Book: Harry Potter series

    Favorite: Song:  Favorite Song by Chance The Rapper

    Favorite Food: Tacos

    Fun Fact: I love video games and Basketball


    Name: Mia Rodriguez

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: News Paper & Swimming

    Topic In Newspaper: Gold Stars

    Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by: J.K Rowling

    Favorite: Song: Gold by Imagine Dragons

    Favorite Food: Spicy Chicken Wings

    Fun Fact: I have been bitten by an ostridge.


    Name: Alyssa Brown

    Grade: 7th

    Extracurriculars: Newspaper

    Topic In Newspaper: Polls

    Favorite Book: The Throne of Fire-Rick Riordan

    Favorite: Song: Screen-Twenty One Pilots

    Favorite Food: Pasta

    Fun Fact: I have two dogs.