• Robinson Elementary School Data and Information
    DOE School Snapshot
    The Indiana Department of Education School Snapshot provides a wealth of information about Solon Robinson. Information about ISTEP, enrollment and many other important charts, graphs and statistics are available online.
    IDOE School Snapshot
    School Improvement Plan
    At Solon Robinson  School, we are continually improving ourselves in order to provide the best education we can for our students.  Our school improvement plan highlights the main goals we are focused on for the next three years.  Visit the link to read our school improvement plan and learn how we are going to strive to make your child's experience at Solon Robinson the best it can possibly be.
    Solon Robinson Action Plan and Status Reports
    Action planning, an important component of continuous department improvement, helps us focus on measurable goals for improvement.
    To assist us in realizing these goals, the Solon Robinson School Improvement Plan spells out specific strategies to be undertaken in action plans for each of the  goals. The action plans include measures of progress that will be used to ensure that progress is being made. Status reports document the results achieved each year.