• 2013-14 C/I News and Notes

  • C&I News and Notes - May 2014

    Thank you, TEACHERS & STAFF,
    -For caring so much.
    -For helping so many.
    -For working so hard.
    -For smiling even when you don’t feel like it.
    -For understanding each child.
    -For focusing on what’s best for student learning.
    -For mentoring each day.
    -For pats on the back and hugs when needed.
    -For TEACHING & REACHING our CHILDREN each day!

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  • C&I News and Notes - April 2014

    Is “Fist to Four” Really Enough to Measure Student Learning?
    John Hattie, in his book Visible Learning for Teachers, says “Student reflection on their performance alone makes no difference. Emphasizing accurate calibration is more effective than rewarding improved performance.” He adds, we must “make learning intentions and success criteria transparent” for our students.
    Use Scales to Determine Learning
    Robert Marzano, in The Art and Science of Teaching, explains that a scale is a measurement tool consisting of criteria that is expected of the student, along with accompanying elements used to preview expected learning or to gauge student progress toward a learning goal.
    When learner goals have been articulated in scale format, the teacher and students have clear direction about instructional targets as well as descriptions of levels of understanding and performance for those targets.

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  • C&I News and Notes - March 2014

    Formative Assessment...what is it?
    Larry Ferlazzo defines Formative Assessment this way: For those who might be new to the term, formative assessments are ongoing practices that help both the teacher and student evaluate and reflect on how they are both doing, and what changes either or both might need to make to become a more effective teacher and learner.

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  • C&I News and Notes - February 2014

    It’s all about the right target...
    It's just this simple...
    Do we want classrooms full of empowered, self-regulated, highly motivated, and intentional learners? If we do, then it is time to own up to the obstacles that educators create by withholding the very information that would empower learners. Students cannot regulate learning, use thoughtful reasoning processes, set meaningful goals, or assess the quality of their own work unless they understand what success looks like in today's lesson.

    —(Moss, Brookheart, & Long, 2011)

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  • C&I News and Notes - January 2014

    Fresh start, clean slate…
    This issue explores resources to fit your content area needs. See what is new for Science, Social Studies, Math, English, Art, Music, and more in this special collection issue.
    Make a new start with the new semester—try some of our FREE suggestions strategically arranged throughout this issue.
    Start the new semester by teaching a LEARN Academy course—boost your leadership skills, share your ideas, open your door! We’d love to LEARN from YOU! Contact Deb for more info. LEARN Academy will be back soon...watch for the NEW Course Guide!
    Send your suggestions for next month’s C/I News and Notes theme...what are you looking for? Interested in? Need resources or support?

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