• Classroom Clip Chart

    In your child’s classroom, a behavior management program  called the clip chart is used. Each child has a clip on the clip chart. Every student starts their clip on ready to learn or green. The student has the chance to move their clip up or down throughout the day depending upon the choices that they make. If a clip is moved up, it can be moved down if behavior worsens, and visa versa, if the clip is moved down, it can be moved up if the behavior improves. At the end of each day, the clip chart is recorded for record keeping.

    Outstanding   (Gold)

    Student clipped up three times for showing excellent behavior and making excellent choices. This is an excellent level to end the day on.

     Great Job   (Purple)

    Student clipped up twice for showing great behavior or making great choices. This is a great level to end the day on.

           Good Day       (Blue)

    Student clipped up one time for showing good behavior or making good choices. This is a good level to end the day on.

    Ready to Learn  (Green)

    Students begin each day here. The student did not get in trouble and clip down, or go above and beyond to clip up. 

    Think About It  (Yellow)

    Students clipped down as a warning of bad behavior. If your child clips down, please discuss the behavior with them. 

    Teacher’s Choice  (Orange)

    Students clipped down twice because of a poor choice. The teacher will decide an acceptable consequence for this action.

    Parent Contact  (Red)

    Students that had to move to red made very poor choices. Teacher and parent will decide on an appropriate consequence.