• Accelerated Reader (A.R.)
    The kids will be tested on their reading skills using the STAR Reading test. They will be tested at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. A part of this test gives the Media Specialist, the students, and myself the data to determine their "reading zone." The kiddos will be bringing books home from the library in their “reading zone,” that they will be tested on, at school. The kids will not be able to take AR tests at home. These tests will be given on the computer. Your child will be awarded credit for each test they pass. The reading goal in second grade is to reach 5 points for each grading period. If your child reads 10 books at .5 each, and passes the AR test, then they will earn their A.R. points. This does not get calculated into their grade; however, awards will be given by our media specialist for the top three readers at both semester and the end of the year.