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    We love celebrating birthdays in Third Grade! It is exciting that your child wants to share his or her birthday with classmates!  To be sure that everyone has a pleasant experience with birthdays, we have a couple of guidelines related to birthday celebrations.


    INVITATIONS: Birthday party invitations may be brought to school if your child is inviting everyone in the class.  If your child is inviting all of the girls or all of the boys in the class, it is also acceptable to send in invitations.  However, if EVERYONE (or everyone of one gender only) in the class is not invited, please mail invitations from home.  We do not want any hurt feelings.


    BIRTHDAY TREATS: Though it is not necessary, or required, birthday treats are welcome in our class if you would like to send them on your child’s birthday. We can also schedule a celebration on Friday or Monday for weekend birthdays. Summer babies can pick a day (maybe their half birthday or a day near the end of the school year) to celebrate.  Instead of sending in treats, you may choose to purchase birthday treats for the class from the cafeteria.  Please see the information sheet in the parent folder sent home on Meet the Teacher Night for more details.


    We are a NUT FREE classroom. Please only send in treats purchased from the store that are free of tree nuts and are processed in a nut free facility.


    If you intend to send treats in for your child’s birthday celebration, please send me a reminder a day or two before so that I make sure we have enough time scheduled. Thanks in advance. 



    TREAT ALTERNATIVE: If you would like an alternative to treats, you may consider donating a book in your student’s name to the Timothy Ball Media Center or to our classroom. 



    Thank you for sharing your student’s birthday with the class.  We look forward to celebrating their special day!