• Third Grade at a Glance

    Third grade is a transitional year for children.  They are becoming more responsible for themselves as they will study for tests, complete and return assignments, and take on many other “adult-like” responsibilities.  Third grade is a big step toward preparation for the upper grades.

    Textbooks, Workbooks, and Chromebooks

    All student textbooks and workbooks are allowed to go home.  Please make sure that they are brought back to school the following morning so that your child is prepared for class.  Also, please make sure the Chromebooks are charged daily.

    Homework and Agenda Book

                    Your child will be filling out an agenda book to keep track of daily assignments such as homework or upcoming tests.  Please review and initial your child’s agenda book daily, this is a good way to talk about what happened at school each day and to stay informed on assignments.

    All homework assignments are expected to be turned in on the date it is due.  If the homework is not turned in on time, the assignment will be completed during recess and will be given a “late” grade.

                    In addition, the homework policy for absent work is clear.  You have as many days as you were absent to make up the work before it is considered late.


    Reading Log

                    Each week your child will be responsible for completing a reading log.  Students need to complete a total of at least 100 minutes of reading time outside of school each week.  The reading log and activity sheet must be completed and turned in every Friday morning.  Each log must contain a minimum of four separate dates.      


    Switching Classes – Social Studies and Science
                    Your child will be switching classes.  This helps prepare the students for the upper grades.  Mrs. Wentz teaches science, and I teach social studies.
    Absent Work

                    When your child is absent, I will create a “make-up work” packet.  The packet will list subject areas along with any worksheets or journal pages that need to be completed.  Any pages that need to be read that we covered in class will be listed as well.



                    IREAD & ILEARN testing will be held in the spring.  Please do not schedule doctor appointments, vacations, etc. during this time; it is very important that your child attends school on testing days.  Also, please make certain that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a healthy breakfast.


    Accelerated Reading

                    During each nine week grading period your child will need to acquire 10 Accelerated Reader points (AR points).    My goal is for each student to earn 100 AR points by the end of the school year. Along with this point requirement, reading comprehension grades will periodically be taken on the Accelerated Reader Quizzes.  The quiz grades will count toward their report grades.  Also, please be aware that students must have an 80% or higher on their AR quizzes in order to attend “Mini-Economy” each month.


    Flash Cards/Math Facts

                    Please practice addition and subtraction flashcards with your child EVERY NIGHT.  Many students do not know these basic facts.  The sooner your child masters math facts the better.  Your child will also be required to pass levels on Math Facts in a Flash.  By the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grading periods your child should have mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division respectively.  This requirement will also count toward a portion of their report card grade.  We will actually begin learning multiplication facts in October.


    Dreambox Math

    Throughout the school year your child will have online math homework assignments through the Dreambox program.  This program is used to introduce new math skills or supplement what skill sets we are currently working on in class.  Your child will be able to work at his or her own level, and the program will automatically adjust to your child’s needs.  Please make sure your child is logging onto Dreambox several times a week to hone his/her math skills.  If your child does not have internet access at home please contact me so that we can make other arrangements.

    RDS:  “Parent Access” Link to Student Grades

                    Please refer to our RDS “Parent Access” link to monitor your child's grades.  This is an excellent tool for showing how each graded assignment is averaged into your child's final grade for each grading period.  I update grades daily.

    Contacting Me

                    Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have throughout the school year via note in your child’s agenda book, an email, or my voicemail.  My extension is 14219.