• Schoolwide Positive Behavior Program - "PAWS"ITIVELY GIVING IT OUR ALL AT T-BALL !
    This program promotes our values of Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Kindness.   When teachers and staff members see students demonstrating any of these values they reward the students with a "PAW".   These paws are attached to our "PAWS" bulletin board outside the Gym.  When a student earns 5 "PAWS", they will be awarded a special "PAW" that will be displayed on their locker.
    Students can earn paws by showing safe and respectful behavior, being kind and helpful to other students.  They can also earn paws by working hard in the classroom. 
    Encourage your child to earn a paw -- Explain how important it is at school and at home to show Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Kindness.
    PAWSitively Bulletin Board