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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.  What is the Student of the Month program? 
    A.  It is a program for students, funded by the CAFE, that recognizes and awards students for their display of that month's Life Skill being recognized. 
    Q.  What are the Life Skills that are recognized?
    A.  Kindness (September), Fairness (October), Gratitude (November), Patience (December), Responsibility (January), Honesty (February), Effort (March), Self-Control (April) and Perserverance (May). 
    Q.  Who chooses students to become a Student of the Month?
    A.  Some teachers choose their own students, while other teachers have their class nominate and vote on recipients.
    Q.  How many students are picked for Student of the Month?
    A.  While it is a hard decision, only one student from each class is selected by their teacher each month.
    Q.  What is the award for a child that is selected for Student of the Month?
    A.  Students receive a certificate and medal during a ceremonial Student of the Month Breakfast.  His or her picture is displayed in the school and a group photograph published in the Winfield American.  
    Q.  What can I, as a parent, do to help my child earn this award?
    You can reinforce what Life Skill is being recognized for the month and talk with them about ways they can display that Life Skill on a daily basis.   
    Should you have any questions about the Student of the Month program, please contact:
    Winfield:  Teresa Benish
    Jerry Ross:  Ash Parulekar
Last Modified on March 12, 2019