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    To the Teacher:
    I don't want this site to consist of a bunch of links to other pages. However, I know how busy teachers are and how nice it is to find some resources quickly and easily. Below is information I find helpful and use frequently. I like to send the mini-books home for extra reading practice and many of the worksheets are good reviews to be used for homework as well. I'm so glad all this material is available. I'm including it here in the hopes that it'll be helpful to you and save you some valuable time.

    Educational Java Programs

    This is an exemplary site for math manipulatives. The applets can be used at all grade levels. The developer created fantastic lessons to go with his applets.

    Varnelle Moore's Primary Math Activities

    Excellent math lessons using the educational java applets above.

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives For Interactive Mathematics

    This is another helpful site with math manipulatives for all grade levels.

    Time Logic Printables

    At this site you can print a wide variety of worksheets related to "time".


    At this site you can print a variety of worksheets related to money.

    Four Blocks

    This is a good introduction to Four Blocks for teachers who aren't familiar with the concept.

    Reading A-Z

    Here you can download stories for ages 4-11.

    Learning Page

    This is a great place to get mini-books. Worksheets go along with the books.

    Ed Helper

    Search this site for short stories with comprehension worksheets.


    Here you can find rubrics of all kinds.

    Math Illuminations

    This is yet another wonderful site with java applets related to math skills.


    Certificates/awards for any occassion...create and style your own.

    Lisa Blau's Reader's Theater

    Here you can find very enjoyable Reader's Theater scrips for all year...both fiction and non-fiction.

    Toftwood Resources

    This is another good site with interactive math activities.

    Word Stories

    Choose story problems for your grade level.

    Spell Master

    Create games and activities using your own spelling lists.

    Inquiry Math
    Lots of Inquiry Math Activities

    Inquiry math activities. The first site is probably more geared to CP teachers. The second site is great for everyone.

    Every Day Math

    This page provides lots of math activities for second graders that relate to many Indiana standards. Pages are also available for grades K-6

    Literacy Connections

    This is a "must see" site for all those who teach reading...any age or grade level. It's an especially good site for the reading teacher or reading tutor. Here you can find all sorts of resources for literary programs, good articles and great downloads. Don't miss it!

    Adrian Bruce's Reading Games

    Here's a teacher from Australia who is willing to share his great ideas for reading/phonics games. I think this will be fun especially for the reluctant reader. These games can be downloaded and customized as needed. Don't miss this one!

    Math Fact Cafe

    I have chosen to add this page to the Teacher Links because here you can quickly generate and print out a math facts page for your students to practice in class or do for homework. You can create your own page or use a ready made one. Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions. Students can also use the flashcards applet which allows them to choose from a variety of levels and then check their answers.

    Math Worksheets, Flashcards, and More

    This page contains links to all sorts of math worksheets. It includes addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, rounding, etc. You can make your own or choose one that has already been created. It also has links to games and other math activities. It's definitely worth looking at.

    Problem Solving

    Math problem solving worksheets. Explain your answer.

    Math applets mostly for K
    Another K site with language arts games
    Math activities for K students

    I've been told by a number of Kindergarten teachers that there's little out there for their students. Actually, there's quite a bit, and these sites are especially for them.

    Enchanted Learning

    This page features many activities across the curriculum for all grade levels. It includes seasonal crafts and activities. It's a great resource for all elementary teachers.


    This page focuses on Internet games that reinforce Kindergarten skills.

    Just Free Stuff

    This is a page we all love...lots of freebies for teachers!

    Math Worksheets
    More Math Worksheets
    Another Subtraction Worksheet
    Another Addition Worksheet

    The first site is a great place for parents (and teachers) to get ready made worksheets for addition. Go to "addition with regrouping." The second site is a math worksheet generator. It will take only a few seconds to install the program and then you have a choice of a variety of handy worksheets for addition and subtraction with regrouping. The other two sites have ready made pages to practice addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Last Modified on December 9, 2008