• Older siblings, these links are for you! I found some wonderful websites that I just couldn't pass up. I hope they will benefit older siblings of my students.

    Enchanted Mind   Creative Java Puzzles that are good for exercising both sides of the brain.

    Interactive Puzzles   Click and drag the matchsticks (or numbers or puzzle pieces) to solve the puzzles. Please note that there may be more than one solution to each puzzle. If you really have difficulties solving the puzzles ... don't get mad, get help. But nothing beats solving the puzzles by your own efforts. You may even discover a new solution to a puzzle. Have fun!

    Label Countries Webgames   This is a fun geography site that helps you learn the location of countries around the world.

    Math Quiz Sets   These sets come at various levels of difficulty. Trivia games are also included on this site.

    Quiz Hub   This site gives you short quizzes on various topics. It also includes fun thinking/logic games.

    Vocabulary Web Games   This site can help improve SAT and other test scores

    Who Wants to be a Mathionaire?   Like the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game on TV. It starts off easy and gets harder with each question. Fun!

Last Modified on October 21, 2019