Name:     Kathy Midkiff
    Email:      kmidkiff@cps.k12.in.us
    Grade:     3
    Phone:     663-3010 ext. 18107
    Mrs. Midkiff Facts
    I graduated from Purdue University.
    This will be my seventeenth year of teaching. This is my twelth year teaching at Jerry Ross. I worked with students who have Emotional Disabilities for the first five years, four years at Timothy Ball and one in Lowell. I taught 5th grade at Jerry Ross for two years. This will be my 10th year working with the 3rd grade team.
    I have been married to my husband, Dale, for 44 years. He has worked at Arcelor Mittal for 43 years and also enjoys farming. 
    We have two children and ten grandchildren. Our daughter, Mindy, is married to Roy and they have three boys!  Our son, Brian, is married to Bree and they have four daughters and three sons. 
    I have three sisters and one brother. My twin sister and I are the oldest.
    I was a high school gymnastics official for 27 years and coached Pop Warner Cheerleading for four years. I enjoy watching football, especially going to ALL of the Lowell Red Devil football game. I also enjoy NASCAR and INDY car racing.  My first sprint triathlon was ten summers ago. I have completed 8 and plan to keep going as long as I can. In October 2016, I completed the Chicago Marathon .
    I love getting together with my family for a variety of events: camping, fishing, holidays, church, baking, or just hanging out together.

    I collect snowmen, angel, gingerbread, John Deere, and sports ornaments for each of the trees I put up for Christmas. I put up eight Christmas trees.  I have collectied a variety of hats and love wearing different ones for hat day. 
    My favorite restaurants to go to are Lighthouse (my granddaughter works there), Chipotle, and Olive Garden.

    My husband and I have traveled to Iceland and South Africa in 2015. Both AMAZING trips! 
    The summer of 2012, we traveled to Iceland to see my Icelandic sister. She was my family's foreign exchange student in 1973/1974, my senior year of highschool. 
                              Trip to Iceland                                                       Trip to South Africa

      Iceland                                    Africa

                    My First Triathlon                                                                                 My Husband and Me Hiking

      Tri                                              waterfall

            My Daughter's Family                                                                   My Son's New Family
     Mindy                        Brian
                                                          In Memory of my Daughter In-Law, Kerri     
      butterfly              My Family
                                                                                                                                               MY FAMILY-Spring Walk of Hope-2009