• We Don't Horse Around!
    (our classroom's discipline policy)
    Every student has been given a horse for our classroom's bulletin board. After a warning, if their behavior continues, their horse will be moved to the corral (yellow), if they need to be talked to again, their horse will be moved to the barn (red). Students keep their daily behavior chart in their folders, and have to color their horse at the end of the day. Please sign their chart every night! You may use the back of this sheet for parent communication.
    This Little Piggy Went to Market
    (our classroom's incentive policy)
    Students earn pennies for their "piggies" for good behavior, being helpful, doing something great, asking good questions etc. Every Friday, they must count the pennies on their piggy, and then they get to shop at the "Farmer's Market" As the year progresses, they must be able to "trade" their pennies for nickels, dimes and quarters to be able to shop.