• This semester course will introduce students to the world of photography and journalism. The law, ethics and history of photography will complement the major units of study: operation and care of the camera, taking photographs, journalistic photography form and function, photography, photo manipulation and enhancement (Adobe Photoshop), caption writing, and management skills. Students will have the opportunity to use state of the art computer-aided publishing tools and other hands-on production tools as well. This course will serve as the pre-requisite to yearbook production and may provide students college and career choices. Throughout the semester students will be working towards a final photo portfolio project which then may be used for application submissions and various photo contests and/or scholarships. Class credit counts toward a Core 40 and Academics Honor Diploma. 
    Being a photojournalist requires you to collect, edit and present news material (in this case, photos and captions) for publication or broadcast. Photojournalism is distinguished from other types of photography by the qualities of timeliness, objectivity and narrative.
    Being a part of this class means you will learn the history of photography/photojournalism, how to take quality photos, how to edit photos via Adobe Photoshop software, how to write captions and how to produce a photo story. You will be assigned to cover a number of photo shoots, write captions and, ultimately, assemble a portfolio of your best work. It is my hope many of your photos will be considered and published in CPHS student publications such as Inklings newspaper and Excalibur yearbook as well as our school website.