• Timothy Ball Elementary
    Thank you for participating!


    We are encouraging our children to walk to school with their
    "Walking School Bus". 



    Look at Zone Map
    Find your Zone
    Contact the Zone Coordinator in your Zone
    Find out where to meet and what time



    Zone coordinators and parent volunteers will walk your children safely to school. Please feel free to walk with your child and help demonstrate our "Fit-For-Life" Motto!



    If you DON’T live in one of the zones, you can drop off your child at The Little League Field on North Street.



    Please consider being a Walking School Bus Coordinator.
    We need and want your help!
    We can have more then one coordinator
    per zone.
    There will be a quick assembly at 8:45 for everyone that participated with some raffle prizes!



    Zone 1:    
    Zone 2:
    Zone 3:


    Zone 4:
    Zone 5: 



    Zone 6:   



    Zone 7:

    Zone 8:  


    Zone 9: 


    Zone 10:


    The No Zone - Little League Field: 



    Another way to be