What is “FIT FOR LIFE”?

    The philosophy behind the FFL (Fit For Life) program
    is to celebrate and foster
    3 types of fitness in all Timothy Ball students:


    All programs, events, and activities involve one or more of these areas of fitness.

    Timothy Ball Elementary School has
     a status of Title One, which means we are
    considered a low income area.
    Over 50% of our school community’s families are low income.
    With our diverse population, the PTO strives to offer
    extracurricular activities that are affordable for families.

    Each Fall, our students participate in 3 big events.
    Firstly, our students have a Relay Challenge,
    which is a fitness walk/run, to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. 
    Each grade level will have a fixed period of time
    to walk/run a 1/4 mile course,
    while enjoying some great music
    and encouragement from our faculty, staff and families.  
    Secondly, our students participate in "Walk to School" day,
    with parent-led "walking school buses".
    An assembly and prizes await our kids in the gym.
    Thirdly, Timothy Ball students participate in the
    Crown Point High School's Homecoming Parade,
    displaying our spirit and pride for our community.
    These events provide a fundraising opportunity
    that allow our families
    to maximize the usage of dollars donated to our school. 
    As you well know, there are many fundraising programs
    offered in schools today. 
    Many of them have wonderful intentions, but the bottom line is,
    the fund-raising companies make most of the money
    and they are usually centered around
    unhealthy products like chocolate and sweets.
    Most fundraising companies will return
    40-60% on every dollar spent on their products. 
    Not bad, but we think our hardworking families deserve more.
    Wouldn't it be nice
    to keep 100% of the monies donated to Timothy Ball? 
    Our goal is to have families work with their children
    to acquire $50 in pledges earned by each student every year
    for our Fit For Life Fundraising Campaign. 
    The pledges may be donated or, even better,
    earned through community service efforts
    with your neighbors, family, and friends. 
    Our  PTO budget requires us to raise just over
    $35,000 dollars each year
    to help pay for many of the great activities here at Timothy Ball,
    such as, Field Trips, Grade-level learning projects, Music Programs,
    Incentive Programs, Academic Bowls, and much, much more! 
    If our school community is able to pledge
    $30 dollars per student (500 students), 
    we would raise $15,000 for our PTO budget. 
    The ultimate goal for us is to average $50 per student. 
    At $50 per student we will hit $25,000 per year. 
    Whatever the pledge amount may be, please remember: 
    The Fit For Life Fundraising Campaign, if successful,
    would allow us to support our student's needs
    each year with ONE fundraiser.....that's it!  Done! 
    The best part is, we would not send over 50% of our money
    out the door to a fundraising company. 
    Our fundraising campaign begins each year in September
    and continues throughout the year. 
    A Parent Information Letter will be sent home with all students
    summarizing the concept behind our efforts.
    Please call or email with any questions. 
    Also, please be sure to join us during these great events coming up. 
    Check the calendar on our website for dates and times.