Hi! My name is Mrs. McBride and I am so excited to be part of the Solon Robinson Kindergarten team! More importantly, I am THRILLED to be your teacher! It’s going to be a fun year full of lots of learning and new adventures. I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us. I want to know ALL about you, but first I’m going to tell you a few things about me.  
    I was born and raised in Highland, IN and I am the oldest of FOUR! I have two younger sisters, Alli and Marissa, and a younger brother, Kyle. When I graduated from High School I began studying at Purdue Calumet. I majored in Elementary Education and couldn’t wait to graduate and start teaching.  
    This is my ninth year teaching kindergarten at Solon Robinson. I have enjoyed teaching kindergarten, this year your child will grow so much. Your child will learn to read, write sentences, add, and subtract. I love watching all my students’ blossom over the year.

    I live Crown Point with my husband, Mr. McBride, a second grade teacher here at Solon Robinson. I enjoy living and working in such a supportive community. When I am not at school I enjoy seeing shows on Broadway in Chicago, spending time on the lake, and enjoying time with my friends and family.

    I am so excited to be your teacher and for you to be part of this AWESOME group of kindergartners in room 12. This is going to be a MEMORABLE and OUTSTANDING year!

    Mrs.  Samantha McBride 
    Solon: 663-2525 ext. 17212



    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Season: Spring

    Favorite Food: Pizza        

    Favorite Fast Food: Panera

    Favorite Restaurant: Lighthouse/ Stacks

    Favorite Candy: Reese’s

    Favorite Drink: Cherry Limeade/ Carmel Frappuccino

    Favorite Animal: Giraffe

    Favorite Book: Spoon By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

    Favorite Song: Your Song By Elton John

    Favorite Hobby: DIY Crafts