In art students receive a grade being in class and participating, as well as what they create in class. They have 2 weeks to complete the assignment. After that half credit will be given.
    I have yellow make-up sheets in my classroom for the attendance. They are also located in my classroom and in a folder outside the artroom.
    Here is what they say...you can turn in your project without the purple sheet.
    Pick one of the following....Crayons
    • Draw and color something you do at home.
    • Draw and color a pet or an animal.
    • Draw and shade with pencil a tree.
    • Write about an artist or a painting you have seen.
    • Draw and color your family.
    • Draw and color something outside or about the weather.
    • Draw and color your favorite sport or hobby.
    • Create a collage from magazines, newspaper or other materials.
    • Create art on the computer. (Print out and turn in)

    Parents, please sign and have your child bring it in for credit for absence in art.