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    Art Instruction


    Welcome back letter

    Art Schedule:

    All student’s grades K-5 attend art class every other week. In class learners will be given instructions, and start the project, but you will have to take the project home to finish and return for next art for grading. I will take points off for late art.


     Distance learners I will provide a video with instructions on your agenda page on the day of your art class. In the Solon entry way there is white paper for your parent to pick up and a box for them to return your assignments.




    Each student will be expected to follow rules as well as direction. My greatest expectation is that students give their best effort. I realize not all students will be great artists, but I ask that they do their best. They are graded only on effort.



    Since Art classes only meet every other week while on Yellow schedule, it is important to stress attendance. Grades are based on the in class projects. Students who miss an art class will need to make up the work. Students will be given two weeks  to make up missed work. This form is also on the website. It is a pink form always located outside of my room.

     For Distance learners: I will be online with you or your art time, a live zoom session. You will get a white piece of drawing paper when your parents pick up or return regular classwork, then return the finished project to school in 2 weeks.


    Classroom Rules:

    • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself. No candy or gum allowed in room.
    • Listen to directions the first time they are given.
    • Clean up after yourself. Materials will be addressed in the art room.
    • Raise your hand and wait for permission to talk.
    • Stay in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise, seating will be facing forward towards teacher at this time, 6’ apart.
    • Always be respectful and do your very best.



    Grades will be posted in Buzz and updated as they finish projects.

    If they have a zero in the gradebook, they either missed class or did not put their name on their paper. Make up sheets are available on-line and always by my classroom door. They must turn it in for me to grade.

    I will not take late assignments. It is up to the student and parent to keep track of grades in Buzz. No assignment will be awarded points after 2 weeks, unless a different arrangement is made.





    Parents, please send the following with your child the first week of classes…not required but really, really needed!!!


    Kindergarten: 1 box facial tissue.

    1st Grade: 1 box of facial tissue.

    2nd Grade: 1 package of paper plates.

    3rd Grade: 1 bottle of liquid soap or refills (no hand sanitizer)  .

    4th grade: 1 box of ziplock bags, sandwich size.

    5th grade: 1 package of paper plates or more if you can!


    3rd Grade needs to save paper towel tubes. We make 3D butterflies. I will give advance notice when to bring these to art.  


    In 2021 we will again be doing our Square 1 art fundraiser in time for Mothers Day! More information to come! Very special! Kids design an original piece of art to be bought on cups, key chains, t-shirts etc. All money goes back to the arts!


    Week 1       Student rotation dates                                                 

    August 24-28                         

    September 8-11                      

    September 21-25                     

    October 5-9                           

    October 19-23      


    Week 2    Student rotation dates

    August 31-September 4

    September 14-18

    September 28-October 2

    October 12-16

    October 26-30



    I am so excited for another exciting year of art! I look forward to meeting all of you!

    Any questions please call. 219-663-2525. ext 17227 lczapla@cps.k12.in.us

    Please visit the teacher page for a lot more information.

    Please email me for a faster response.

    Please check BUZZ.  Art receives an official grade only twice a year. You must contact me before corporation deadlines. I will not make changes after corporation deadline, no exceptions.


    Thank you!!!


    Mrs. Czapla