• Students are not graded on talent, but on participation and following directions.
    Makeup sheets are located on this website, in the artroom and outside the artroom in a basket. They have 2 weeks to complete assignment and turn in. After 2 weeks half credit will be given. I also write notes to parents in RDS.
    If a student does not finish an assignment, I will send it with them to finish. If they do not return the assignment, they will be given half the credit as to finishing the assignment. I teach at Eisenhower Elementary  and see 700 kids weekly, and I do apologize but I can't call every parent if their child is missing an assignment. It is up to the student to finish and return assignments.
    If a student does not put his or her name on their project, I will send it back asking for a name. If the student does not return the project I can not assign a grade.
    I will not take late assignents after 2 weeks unless a medical letter and doctors note is provided. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to check BUZZ weekly and moniter current art grade. 
    All of my students know that this is my grading requirements and I wanted to add it to the Website for you.
    Always feel free to call or email with questions or concerns you may have!
    Thank you!
    Mrs. Czapla
    219-663-2525 ext 214