• Welcome to Mr. Bysiek’s Class

    Class Information
    “Every day there is something new you are working on.  It is a challenge that makes this game so great.” -Anthony Rizzo

    Hello and welcome!  The quote above is from my favorite Cubs player.  Even though he is referring to baseball, I believe this quote applies to all aspects of life, including school.  I am very excited to have your child in my class this year to work through the challenges!  It will be a fun and exciting year I am sure.  The following information will acquaint you with some classroom and/or school policies or procedures to help you, your child, and myself have a successful year.


    Please make sure your child is prepared for recess by sending them dressed appropriately for the weather that day.  We usually go outside unless it is very cold, rainy, or snowy.  Proper footwear is needed as well.


    If your child is going to be absent, please call the office before 9 A.M.  Homework will be sent home, if requested. Now that we have Chromebooks students should complete what they can when they are absent.  Please send a note with your child when they return to school following any absence.  Missed work will be sent home with the child upon his/her return. 


    Folder: Students will receive a folder on the first day of school.  This folder is to be brought back to school every day. 

    Agenda Book: Students will write down in their agenda book any homework for the day.  The agenda book is a great way to communicate with me.  I will check the agenda book daily to see if you have any note written down for me. 


    Homework assignments will be written down by the students in their agenda books.  It is the responsibility of the students to make certain that his or her homework is completed daily. 

    There will be homework MOST days. As a rule of thumb there will be math homework on Monday and Wednesday.  There will be Reading/Language Arts homework on Tuesday and Thursday.  Additionally, students are expected to study for tests as well and sometimes are asked to read a story, or complete Soc. St, Science, or Health homework.  We do our absolute best to keep you updated on everything.  Finally, students should read nightly, and complete 5 Dreambox lessons a week.


    Each nine weeks every student will be asked to complete ONE book study. The goal is to have students interact with a book of their chose to further thier love of reading. The choice board activities are of great value to the student’s learning. The book can be a chapter or picture book, and can be at any reading level, but it is hightly encouraged for students to choose a book at their level. Students will recieve a grade for the book study, that will count toward their overall final grade each quarter.  


    These are reading programs to participate in.  With the completion of the required monthly reading homework, your child will qualify for the Century Book Club and 6 hour club programs.  50 pages of reading counts as one book.  A list of any type signed by a parent for Century Club is sufficient. There is a form available to print out on my website at if you choose to print one out.


     I will be teaching your child Reading.

    Switches are as follows:

    Bysiek: Math Mr. Bysiek's Email

    Larson: Writing, Grammar, Number Corner Mrs. Larson's Email

    Wenglarz: Soc. St., Science, Health Mrs. Wenglarz's Email


    I will send a brochure home monthly.  If you wish to order, return the slip or order online by the due date.  If you pay by check, make check payable to: Scholatic Book Clubs. If you choose the online ordering option our class code is GLH69.


    Art: Thursday

    Gym: Tuesday & Friday

    Library: Friday

    Music: Monday & Wednesday


    If you want to bring treat for your child’s birthday, please drop them off or send them with your child first thing in the morning. We share birthday treat during our lunch time from 12:50-1:20.

    We currently have 29 students.

    Ok treats: cupcakes, cookies, popsicles, individual ice cream cups, baggie of small candies, pre-cut brownies.Please do not send cake that needs to be cut and served.  


    Lunch is late, so snack time is important for these hungry 5th graders! Please just make sure to send a healthy snack with you child, try to avoid candy and sugary snacks.

    It is my desire to assist you in any way that I can.  Your child is important to the both of us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at school 662-3600 ext 16220, email (jbysiek@cps.k12.in.us), or write me a note.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to a fun and rewarding year.


    Mr. Bysiek’s Discipline Plan

    I believe that every student in my class can and will be able to make great choices in school.  To help ensure the best classroom atmosphere for everyone to learn, the following plan is in place.

    PLEASE NOTE: Periodically, in your child’s agenda book will be a note on the excellent or poor choices your child has made.  Please check for these notes, as some may need to be signed.

    The following are the rules of our classroom based off of our school pledge: As a Mustang I promise to be: RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, AND SAFE.