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    A.R. (Accelerated Reader)

    At Lake Street the students participate in a reading program called AR (Accelerated Reader).  When entering first grade, each of the students take a test called Early Star.  Along with the mClass testing, this computer based literacy test shows me each child's approximate reading level. 


    Once your child scores in the "Probable Reader" stage, they will be ready to begin the AR prgram.  This test also helps us to find your son/daughter's reading level zone.  This is called the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This zone defines the reading level range from which a student should be selecting books for optimal growth without frustration.  It also provides us with another tool to challenge your child and controls the level of books they are choosing from the library.  


    Each week, the children will be bringing home books from the library in their reading zone (look for the colored dot on your son/daughter's library book).  They will be tested on these books at school. (These tests are always given on the computer).  For each test your child passes, they will be awarded credit.  The reading goal in first grade is to reach 4 pts. (If your child reads 8 books at .5 each, and passes them all with 100% accuracy, they will earn their A.R. wristband). Usually, most children will test into A.R. by the 2nd or 3rd 9 weeks of first grade. 
    I think this is a very attainable goal for our children.  As always, we not only want to reach our goal- but pass it!  Keep on reading!


    ***I will let you know when your child is ready to move into the Accelerated Reader program and will contact you with more information regarding their reading level and ZPD level.

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