Policies and Procedures 
    Welcome to Physical Education at Lake Street Elementary School.  To help your child have a complete experience in PE class please have your child wear tennis shoes on the days they have class.  Students are not allowed to participate in PE class if they have on sandals, crocs, boots, dress shoes or a shoe that is slippery or not secure.  For their own safety we ask that they wear tennis shoes.  Some students choose to keep a pair of extra sneakers in their locker. 
    Your child has PE class twice a week for 30 minutes.
    Students are only given a grade after we have introduced and practiced a skill.  Students will always be told when they are being assessed and what they are being assessed on.  As the year continues I will evaluate fitness and performance skills in various subjects for a grade.  We are looking for growth and improvement and each student develops at a different pace.
    If your child is hurt or is unable to participate in class, please send a note excusing them from activities.  If they are in school, they are expected to participate unless they have a note.  We want our children to be as active as possible but understand if they are hurt or sick and are unable to participate.  
    If your child has any condition or restrictions, please feel free to call me at school so we can insure their safety.  
    We are looking forward to another wonderful year at Lake Street Elementary!!! Go Dolphins!!!!
    Mr. Kutemeier