• Positive Classroom Management


           I strongly feel that the most effective classrooms are student-focused and the classroom is a place that the students can feel ownership for their learning. Through positive classroom management, I work with the strengths of the student through inquiry-based discussion in order to give them the confidence to shine and explain their way of thinking..

          Another way that I feel positive classroom management can be effective is through teamwork. The students, co-teachers, and principal can all work together to form a positive learning enviornment and the consistency that is in place is often more comfortable for the students because they are aware of what is expected of them.

              Setting high standards for the students allows them to feel that the work that they are doing is valuable. Doing project-based work or having a shared-inquiry discussion is more effective than independent worksheet-based learning because the students can see how they are able to apply what they are learning to their lives, and the opinions that they have on a topic are valuable to the learning that is taking place. When the bar is set, the students strive to reach it.

               Building communication between home and school is vital to the success of a classroom. When the parents are on board and they know what is being enforced in school, they know what to expect and can even extend the positive discipline into the home.      
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