great websites


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    Everyday Math Games - This is a great website that goes along with our math book. It is an excellent resource for standards-based activities and games!

    6 + 1 Trait Writing - This is a website that is all about our writing program used throughout Eisenhower.

    FOSS Science - This website has information as well as activities for our science program.

    States and Capitals - You are responsible for learning your states and capitals this year. This website is a great opportunity to help you along the way!

    Memory Game - How many turns will it take you to find all of the matching pictures?

    Hangman - Can you solve the word before the stick figure makes it to the gallows?

    Wacky Web Tales - You provide the words to create your own funny story.

    Sudoku - This is a fun sudoku site for kids. It is a great problem solving activity!

    NASA Website - This is a cool place to check out some games and activities about the solar system.