• State Scrapbook

    We will be working on our state reports this school year for Social Studies. The reports will be presented in a scrapbook form that we will provide to you. The page requirements for the state report are listed below. EVERY page needs a title and a background. Part of the report will be done at school. The cover must be decorated at home. Please bring materials for oral presentation. That includes your finished scrapbook and state report. The guidelines below are for your scrapbook only. The due date will be announced.

    Page 1 - Location

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Location)
    • Color your state on US map & label bordering states
    • Include Background

    Page 2 - State Bird

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Bird)
    • Include Bird Name and Facts
    • Color,Cut,and Glue Bird
    • Include Background

    Page 3 - State Flower

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Flower)
    • Include Flower Name and Facts
    • Color, Cut, and Glue Flower
    • Include Background

    Page 4 - State Seal

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Seal)
    • Glue State Seal (should already be in color)
    • Information on seal (3-4 sentences)
    • Include Background

    Page 5 - State Song

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Song)
    • Glue song onto page
    • Glue clip art pictures that relate to song
    • Include Background

    Page 6 - State Flag

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Flag)
    • Color, Cut, and Glue Flag
    • Include flag adoption year
    • Include flag description and history
    • Include Background

    Page 7 - Statehood History

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Statehood History)
    • Origin of Name
    • Nickname
    • Motto
    • Include sheet that answers How? and When? it became a state and color eagle
    • Include Pictures
    • Include Background

    Page 8 - Government

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Government)
    • Include completed information page and color eagle
    • Include pictures of the governor, lieutenant governor, and 2 other government members
    • Include Background

    Page 9 - Weather

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Weather)
    • Include Average High Temperature, Average Low Temperature, Average Rainfall (in inches)
    • Write/Type other Interesting Facts
    • Include Pictures
    • Include Background

    Page 10 - Population Information & Map

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Population)
    • Include Population Information Page
    • Include Compass
    • Make, Color, Cut, and Glue Map
    • Key-Persons per square mile
    • Include Background

    Page 11 - Political Information & Map

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Political Information)
    • Include Key & Compass
    • Color State
    • Label: Capital, 2 Cities, 3 Rivers, other major bodies of water, and bordering states
    • Include Completed Worksheet
    • Include Background

    Page 12 - Economy/Product Map

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Economy)
    • Include Compass
    • Make, Color, Cut, and Glue Map
    • Include Key with Symbols
    • Include Completed Economy Worksheet
    • Include Background

    Page 13 - Physical Features/Physical Map *INCLUDES 2 MAPS*

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Physical Features
    • Make, Label, and Color Regions on 1 map
    • Make, Label and Color Physical Landscape on 1 map
    • Include keys for both maps
    • Include Completed Worksheet
    • For Physical Map, make symbols for landforms and water ways, shade elevation
    • Include Background

    Page 14 - An Interesting Place to Visit

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Interesting Places)
    • Include Information page on interesting places
    • Include pictures of each interesting place
    • Label each picture
    • Include Background

    Page 15 - Famous People

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's Famous People)
    • Include Information Page
    • Include pictures of each person
    • Include the city each person is from
    • Include Background

    Page 16 - Other State Symbols & Interesting Facts

    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State Symbols & Interesting Facts)
    • Include any interesting information not listed on previous pages
    • Includes Pictures
    • Include Background
    Inside Back Cover - State License Plate
    • Title for Page (Ex: Ohio's State License Plate)
    • Create license plate to match current state plate
    • Paste on Background

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