• Homework Policy
    stack of booksThe homework assignment is due at the beginning of the day. If you are in the other class the assignment is due at the beginning of the class when we switch.  If the assignment is not turned in, it must be turned in the following day to receive any credit. The assignment will be deducted 20% from the grade earned on the home work.  If it is not turned in the following day, it is still a required assignment, but no grade is earned. Remember, it is very important to turn in your work on time! It can truly change your grade!
    Every missing assignment gets a warning for social probation. Each child is allowed three warnings. After the third warning social probation begins. If a child is on social probation, the child cannot go on a field trip if it is scheduled that week. It also includes any mini economy sales and sports after school. The parents will get a red piece of paper for each missing assignment a child has. The paper has to be signed and returned the following school day. If it is not returned, the child will be on probation until it is returned.  If they are already on probation and continue to get warnings, the probation will be extended.
    A Friday Folder will be sent home on what day...you guessed it...Fridays! It will include a behavior grade for the week as well as any missing assignments as of that day with all of the papers from the week. In my experience this helps the parents know from week to week about their child's missing work. I try not to have any surprises at report card time.
    In addition, the homework policy for absent work is clear. You have as many days as you are absent to make up the work before it is considered late.
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