Mini Economy
    in the classroom
    Mini - Economy plays a large role in our classroom. Please check out the jobs for the classroom on the mini-economy page. You will have a checking and savings account. Your banker will deposit and withdraw any money you need. You will learn how to keep a check register, write checks, pay your bills on time and much more! We will have a monthly sale where other classrooms will be invited to shop. This is a good opportunity to make extra money. You will have to buy a business license to open for business. We will talk about things to sell in class. The ideas are endless, but they will be approved when you buy your business license. It is a great "real world" learning experience.
    Please carefully read each job description. You will have that job for an entire semester. You need to choose two jobs that you are interested in. You will be filling out an application so decide what qualifies you for that job. The pay for each job is included. Remember choose wisely!

    Personnel Director -- $40 a week
    The personnel directors have the responsibility of writing out each paycheck. The director needs to have good work habits and be able to solve other issues as well. If another person is having problems with their job, you are the first person they come to. The personnel directors work closely with the teacher.

    Banker -- $35 a week
    The bankers will need to be familiar with spreadsheets on the computer. You will be making deposits and withdrawals for your customers. You will be responsible for their checking and saving accounts. You will be the only one allowed to go into the bank on a regular basis.

    Bill Collector -- $30 a week
    The bill collectors are responsible for collecting four different bills. We have one bill due each week. You need to fill out each bill for the week including the due date for the bill. If someone doesn't pay their bill, you will give them a late bill, which changes the cost of the bill. A bill collector needs to be organized.

    Assignment Book Checker -- $30 a week
    The assignment book checkers are responsible for checking the assignment books each morning and afternoon. In the morning the checker looks for the parent signature. In the afternoon, they make sure the homework board has been copied into their book.

    Interior Decorator -- $30 a week
    The interior decorators are responsible for creating an updating seasonal bulletin boards and updating the classroom calendar.

    Librarian -- $30 a week
    The librarian is responsible for keeping the AR books in the correct order. They can help me order new books for our classroom library.

    Secretary -- $25 a week
    The secretaries are responsible for making sure the papers are turned in to me in numerical order. If someone's paper is missing, they ask that person for it in case they just forgot to turn it in before I take the papers from the turn in tray.

    If Absent -- $25 a week
    The if absent person is responsible for filling out an assignment sheet and collecting any work for anyone who is absent.

    Homework Board --$20 a week
    The homework board person is responsible for filling out the homework board daily. It must be someone who has neat handwriting.

    Lunch Count -- $20 a week
    The lunch count / attendance person must take the lunch count each morning. They fill out the lunch sheet after the kids fill in their choice.

    Computers -- $20 a week
    The computer person is responsible for turning on and off the computers daily.

    Paper Passer -- $20 a week
    The paper passer is responsible for passing out paper as needed.

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