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        I'd like to explain the Accelerated Reading Program (A.R.).  In January, the students will be given the Star Reading test.  This test will help me to identify your child's reading zones (levels).  Once these levels have been established, your child can begin to read and take tests on A.R. books that are within his/her reading zones.  These books can be checked out of the Eisenhower Library.  There is a list of A.R. books on our school website so you can check out books from the public library as well. 

    In first grade, most children are just learning to read.  We do not require the children to take A.R. tests until January when they are more advanced and capable of comprehending what they read.

    If I feel that your child is ready to begin the A.R. program before January, I will give him/her the Star test and let you know the results.