• Course Description

    United States History

    Grade Level:   8th Grade

    Teacher:   Mr. Bunda

    School Year:  2019-2020


    Text:  McDougal Little  Creating America: A History of the United States/  Crown Point "Buzz" Program.


    Course Description and Objective:    United States History is a course designed to explore the various eras, people, and events that have shaped America.  The course will cover the start of American societies and continue through the Civil War.

    Course Outcomes: 

    1.       Understand that people of the United States have responded to the forces of change in different ways, partly because of their historical background.

    2.        How American History relates to you and your life.

    3.        Be aware of the differences of other eras.

    4.       Understand how geography has influenced American History.

    5.       Develop critical thinking skills

    Evaluation Methods:
                1.  Quizzes
                2.  Chapter Tests
                3.  Unit Tests
                4.  Map Tests
                5.  Class Assignments
                6.  Projects
                7.  Group Activities
                8.  General Homework 



    Attendance/Class Participation:   Usually poor attendance is equated with a low grade.  I you have a borderline grade for the class, attendance and class participation will be taken into account.

    Homework:  I you miss a class period, it is your responsibility to find out what work needs to be made up!!!

    Grading Scale:

    A=  100-90      B=  89-80       C= 79-70      D=  69-60       F=   59-0



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