• Let me introduce to you our Meal Time Computer System. This system operates much in the same way as a debit card. A student identification card (utilizing a bar code) is issued for each student using their student number and an account is started. This student number does not change from year to year and follows them throughout the system. Elementary Students are asked to use this ID card when purchasing meals or ala carte items when receiving meals on a free, reduced or full paid status. The student’s name and ID number will be used to deposit funds to their account for meals or ala carte purchases.  Middle and High School students will have their finger scanned and will be used in the same manner as the meal card.  When purchasing items they will be asked to scan their finger and their account will then be activated.
    Payment my be split between siblings within the same school and can be made by cash, check or on line. Checks or On Line payments are always the preferred way of payment. Payments can be made in increments of the meal prices, but we encourage to put enough on for a week or two. Parents may put any dollar amount they wish into their child’s account. Depositing funds will keep lost or stolen cash to a minimum. The funds in this account may be used for breakfast, lunch, milk or ala carte items.
    The pre-paid cards speed lunch lines up and also keep you from trying to find money every morning. The money sits on the account and is deducted when the student elects to purchase meals or ala cart items. The system will track how your student is spending their deposited funds. A parent can request an account history from the food service manager for each studentor the parent may use the online feature. This program will also assure the privacy of students qualifying for free or reduced priced meals.

    MealTime Online is the gateway to your student's "MealTime" school lunch account. You can make deposits into his/her MealTime Point of Sale account, or simply view the account activity. It's very easy.

    Click www.mymealtime.com to get started!

    This exciting approach will save you and your student time as well as our cashiers. If you have any questions regarding this computerized meal system, please contact:
    Michelle Simonovski 662 6480 or ask the food service manager at your school.
Last Modified on December 14, 2018