• Directions to Area Schools

    Ben Franklin   605 Campbell St., Valpo     531-3020

    US 30 east – after passing Shorewood Forest subdivision, look for left turn (Joliet Rd.).  Stay on this road for approximately 7 – 10 minutes.  At the first stoplight, take a right (Lincolnway).  Go to the next stoplight then take a left (Campbell St.).  School is on the left hand side about 2 miles down.  35 minutes


    Boone Grove (Middle School)     5505 325 W., Hebron     464-4828

    Pass entrance to Four Seasons on 109th heading east until you get to Rte. 2.  Take a right (south) on Rte, 2 and go to 500 W.  This road is right before the old Boone Grove High School.  Take a left (east) on 500 W and go 2-3 miles to 500 S.  Take a left on 500 S, go 2 miles.  Take a right on 350 W.  School is to the east.  25 minutes


    Chesterton Middle School 651 W. Morgan Ave., Chesterton 983-3776

    I-65 N to 80/94 East.  Take IN 49 S Exit (26A) Turn right on East Porter Ave./ right on 5th Ave.  Turn left on W Morgan Ave.  School is on the right.  40 minutes


    EC Block    2700 Cardinal Dr., East Chicago     391-4084

    I-65 north to 80-94 east.  Take 80-94 to Cline Ave. (north) Go north on Cline Ave. to Columbus Dr.  At the bottom of the exit there is a stoplight, take a left.  About ¼ of a mile you will see the riverboats and then Block Jr. High.  30 minutes


    Eggers Middle School     5825 Blaine Ave., Hammond     933-2449

    Take I 65 North to 80/94 West (towards Chicago).  Take US 41N/Calumet Ave. exit toward Hammond.  Turn slight right onto US 41/Calumet Ave./ Turn left onto Highland St. / Turn right onto Waltham St./Turn right onto S.Blaine Ave.   40 minutes


    Fegely     5384 Stone Ave., Portage     763-8150

    I 65 North to Ridge Rd. (east) Take Ridge Rd. through Hobart to County Line Rd.  Take a left on County Line Rd. (north)  Look for Stone Ave. about 2-3 stops down.  Take a right on Stone Ave. (east)  School is on the left hand side of the street.   30 minutes


    Griffith     600 N. Raymond, Griffith     924-4280

    Take Highwater Rd. north out of Crown Point, past Pine Island and across Rt. 30 to the south end of Griffith (Broad St).  Take a right (north) on Broad St.  Go through downtown Griffith past Blythe’s Sport shop and the girl’s softball fields, until you come to Elm St.  Take a left (west) on Elm St.  Keep going on Elm St. until you run into the HS football field.  Take a right.  The middle school will be on your left.  25 minutes


    Grimmer     225 W. 77th Ave., Schererville     865-6985

    Rt. 41 north to Schererville.  About 3-4 miles before you reach Rt. 30, take a right (east) on 77th Ave. (stoplight).  Go approximately one block and the school is on the right hand side.  20 minutes


    Hebron     307 S Main St., Hebron     996-2171

    Rt. 231 south out of Crown Point to Hebron.  Take a right (south) at the stoplight in Hebron (Rt. 2).  Go through stop sign.  School is on the left.  20 minutes


    Highland     2941 41st St., Highland     922-5620

    Rt. 41 north through Schererville into Highland.  Look for 41st St. after passing by the “Highland water tower.”  Take a right on 41st (east) and go to Kennedy Ave.  Take al eft on Kennedy Ave.  Go to first stoplight and take a right (east).  School is on the left (north).  30 minutes


    Hobart (Middle School)   36 E 8th St

    US East Route 30 to IN 51/Grand Boulevard. Take 51 North into Hobart.  Turn left onto S Lake Park Ave. Turn slight left onto W 10th St. Take the first right back onto S Lake Park Ave. Turn right onto E 8th St.  Hobart Middle School is on the right. 30 minutes


    Kahler     600 Joliet, Schererville     865-3535

    Rt. 41 north to US 30 intersection.  Take a left on 30 (west), go approximately 3-5 miles and Kahler will be on the left.  25 minutes


    Kankakee Valley Middle School     3923 W. State Road 10, Wheatfield     956-3143

    I65 South to the Lowell exit (#240)  Turn left (east) onto IN #2 (5.36 miles)  Turn right onto US 231 (9.40 miles).  Turn left onto IN 10 (1.57 miles).  KV Middle School is on the left (south).


    Lake Ridge     3601 W. 41st Ave     980-0730

    Rt. 55 (Main Street) north out of Crown Point, through Merrillville, to the stoplight just before Ridge Rd.  Take a left on 41st Ave. (west).  The school will be on the left about 2 miles down.  25 minutes


    Liberty     900 N 50 W, Chesterton     926-2272

    I 65 north to 80/94 east.  80/94 to Ind. #49 south.  Stay on 49 and look to turn right to 950 N after crossing the Indiana Toll Road Bridge (west) Take 950 W and cross Meridian.  The road will comje to a “T.”  Take a left.  This is 50W.  You are now heading south.  Go under a railroad crossing and the school will be in front of you.  45 minutes


    Lowell (Middle School)     19250 Cline Ave.,  Lowell     696-7701

    Take 9 mile stretch south out of Crown Point.  Take a right at the flashing light (Rt. 2).  Stay on this road heading west. Turn left onto Clark St.  Take the 2nd right onto Belshaw Rd. Turn Right onto Cline Ave. The school will be on the left. 20 minutes


    Pierce    199 E 70th St., Merrillville     736-4837

    Rt. 53 (Broadway) north out of Crown Point into Merrillville.  Just before you get to Mike’s Sporting Goods, look for 73rd Ave. and take a right (east).  Take your first left (Catherine St.).  Go two blocks.  The school will be on the right.  20 minutes


    Rensselaer Middle School     1106 Bomber Blvd., Rensselaer     866-4661

    I-65 south to Rensselaer exit (Rt. 114).  Go east on 114 through Rensselaer.  The school is about ½ mile east of town.  The middle school is behind the high school.  1 hour


    Robinson Lake, Merrillville (Hobart Cross Country)


    Rogers Lakewood Park, Valparaiso (Ben Franklin & Thomas Jeff. Cross Country) Take Rt. 6 east into Valparaiso.  Take a right on Meridian Road.  Go past the Pines Ski Area.  The park is on the left just past 600 N.  45 minutes

    Spohn     4925 Sohl Ave., Hammond     933-2457

    I-65 North to 80/94 West.  Calumet Ave. north 3 miles to Michigan Ave.  Michigan Ave. is the stoplight at the bottom of a large overpass.  There is a Cellular Phone Store on the northeast corner.  Turn left (west) on Michigan Ave. and proceed to first stoplight.  This is Sohl Ave.  Turn right (north) on Sohl Ave. ½ block.  Turn into the school driveway.  Gym is on the north side.  1 hour


    Thomas Jefferson     1600 Roosevelt Rd., Valparaiso     462-1536

    Rt. 30 east into Valpo.  Take a left at the first light past the university.  Make sure you stay to the right on this road.  Keep going north past Indiana Furniture.  Continue on Sturdy Rd. until you get to Evans Ave. Take a left (west).  Continue on Evans Ave. to Roosevelt Rd. Take a right (north).  School will be on the right.  45 minutes


    Union Township
    Rte. 30 east to 600W (Gaucho's) Turn left on 600W heading north. School is on 600W


    US 30 east to Warsaw.  Go south at the Center St. exit by the Holiday Inn.  Take Center St. to Scott St.  Take a left at Scott.  Cross railroad tracks before coming to the school.  Park in the back.  1 hr & 45 minutes

    Wilbur Wright     8650 Columbia Ave., Munster     836-6260

    Rt. 41 north to Highland.  Take a left at Christenson Chevrolet (45th Ave.).  Stay on 45th (west) for approximately 3 miles and take a right on Columbia Ave. (north).  Pass Community Hospital and Munster High School.  Wilbur Wright  is on the left.  35 minutes


    Willowcreek     5962 Central Ave, Portage     763-8090

    I-94 east to Ind. 249.  Take 249 south to US 20 west.  Go west on 20 to Willowcreek Rd.  Turn left on Willowcreek Rd. (south).  Willowcreek School is on the left.  25 minutes


    Woodland Park (Portage Cross Country)

    I-94 east to Ind. 249.  Take 249 south to US 20 west.  Go west on 20 to Willowcreek Rd.  Turn left on Willowcreek Rd. (south).  Woodland Park is just down the road.  If you pass Willowcreek Middle School, you have gone too far.  25 minutes