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Reading Comprehension Strategies
·         Great compilation of adolescent reading comprehension strategies found under “Classroom Strategies

·         Another website with printables that can be used for any subject: "Reading"

·         An excellent resource with both printables (under “Classroom Resources”) as well as online interactives with reading comprehension strategies/games: "Read, Write Think" Resources
·         A savvy teacher’s manual with techniques to promote error correction, reading fluency, and text comprehension:
·         Lots of reading strategies and lessons for high school:  More "Read, Write, Think" and  Teacher Printouts 
·         Seven strategies to teach students text comprehension with printouts
·         Links to different printables of graphic organizers based on category.

·         Lots of articles, strategies, etc. on reading comprehension.

·         Reading comprehension worksheet that delineates to students what good reading comprehension means.
·          Comprehension strategies broken down by type with a list of books to investigate at the bottom of the page.
·         21 reading strategies:

·         Pre-reading strategies and others.

·         The NY Times website with article ideas and ways to used them in teaching

·         An article on the Big 7 reading comprehension strategies.

·         Popular reading comprehension strategies.

·         Tons of additional reading comprehension strategies.

·         List of reading strategies by content.

·         Resources on reading from Dartmouth, including Six Myths.

·         Article on collaborative reading strategies.

·         A compilation of multiple reading strategies for comprehension with examples given for reading in the content areas.