Hello Solon Families!!


    On Monday Sept 30th - Oct 4th I will be teaching Anti-Bullying lessons to your student(s) during their Library time.   Dont worry they will still have plenty of time to check out books.  :) 

    Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.


    In every class we will be discussing:

    The 3 main things that bullying consists of:

    1. One-sided:  student/ group A is doing something to student/ group B and student/ group B is not doing anything back to them except asking them to stop. 
    2. Can't get it to STOP: student/ group B uses a assertive (loud important voice) asking student/ group A to stop, and student/group B does not stop. 
    3. Consistent: repeated behavior or behavior that has a potential to be repeated 

    The 3 types of bullying:

    Verbal bullying is saying or writing mean things.

    Verbal bullying includes:

    • Teasing
    • Name-calling
    • Inappropriate sexual comments
    • Taunting
    • Threatening to cause harm

    Social bullying, sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships.

    Social bullying includes:

    • Leaving someone out on purpose
    • Telling other children not to be friends with someone
    • Spreading rumors about someone
    • Embarrassing someone in public

    Physical bullying involves hurting a person’s body or possessions.

    Physical bullying includes:

    • Hitting/kicking/pinching
    • Spitting
    • Tripping/pushing
    • Taking or breaking someone’s things
    • Making mean or rude hand gestures




    Solon students will be taking the Promise Pledge from the book Juice box bully 

    These pledges will be placed on their lockers as reminders of how we can make a difference at our school. 

                                        The Promise

    I WILL speak up instead of acting as a bystander.

    I CHOOSE to participate in activities that don’t involve teasing.

    I FORGIVE others if they make poor choices.

    I MODEL good behavior.

    I ACCEPT others for their differences.

    I INCLUDE others in group situations.

    I WILL talk to an adult when there is a problem I cannot manage on my own.

    I AM powerful in making a difference in my school.



     By making “The Promise” to stand up against bad behavior, we can put an end to bullying.




    Your student(s) will also be learning about the following based on grade level:


    Kindergarten & 1st gradeKind and Unkind behaviors

    • watch a Sesame Street video: Kindness
    • students will receive a packet disscussing the difference between being kind and unkind
    • student will receive a coloring book about kind behaviors
    • we will also be discussing what to do when someone is not being kind to them. 


    2nd & 3rd grade: Difference between an Upstander and a Bystander

    Bystander:  sees or hears someone being mistreated and does nothing

    Upstander: sees or hears someone being mistreated and stands up for the person

    • read and discuss the Juice box bully 
    • students will receive a take home sheet on words that they could say to be an Upstander
    • reviewed differerent types of scenerios on how to be an upstander
    • Who is in control of your feelings?  You are!  Bullies like to have power over you.  If you dont give them the power, they will get bored and move on.   


    4th & 5th grade:  Cyber bullying

    • watched a video on cyber bullying that discussed what it is how it effects students and how it only take one Upstander to make a difference.
    • student will recieve packets explaining cyber bullying, passive bystander, and active bystander (Upstander).  This packet also a different types of scenerios discussing how to by a Upstander, as well as allowed students to put themselves in someone elses shoes.    
    • Who is in control of your feelings?  You are!  Bullies like to have power over you.  If you dont give them the power, they will get bored and move on.   


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  • 2019 Annual Blue T-shirt Contest

    to support Anti-Bullying 

    Contest begins on Monday Oct 7th and will end on Monday Oct 28th


    Here is what you need to do:  Every MONDAY in OCT wear a BLUE T-shirt.  

    The class at the end of the month with the most BLUE T-shirts worn will win a ICE CREAM Party with me!!!  YUM!!!!

    There will be one winning class from Kindergarten - 2nd grade and one winning class from 3rd -5th grade.




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