This is a tool that allows me to give points to students who are following expectations consistently. Classroom Dojo will be used to give students immediate feedback on their behaviors. Students can earn points for staying on task, working hard, raising their hand, helping a classmate, etc. Classroom Dojo also allows points to be taken away for any off task behavior. I have made up a point value system where Dojo points can be traded in for a reward. There are different rewards for different point values. Some rewards include a prize from the treasure chest, choice seat, and many others! 


    bucket filling


    Our classroom uses a clip chart to promote positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors. The clip chart used is based off the book How Full is Your Bucket by Tom Rath. Every day each of the students of my class will walk into our room with their clip in the middle of our clip chart on the color green, which indicates ‘Ready to Learn’. When I catch students being kind, helping a classmate, or displaying appropriate academic behaviors I may ask them to clip up a color! It is a cause to celebrate if your student is coming home from school each day with their calendar colored in with blue, pink, or the highest color, purple! Students do also get clipped down in my room for repeatedly disobeying classroom rules or for purposefully doing unkind things. It is not the end of the world if your student has a day where he or she was clipped down to yellow. The lower half of my clip chart has the colors yellow, orange, and the lowest color, red.