• With nearly 500 kindergarten, first, and second grade students at Winfield Elementary School, we are filled with very young children exhibiting lots of overwhelming emotions.  Not only are these children trying to figure out how to navigate this seemingly humongous school, learn all the rules, and grow academically; they want (and need) to find friendships to grow socially and emotionally.  Many of our students have a difficult time initiating conversations with their peers. They may mope about the playground hoping someone will ask them to play. Unfortunately, many times students who are actively engaged in play do not notice these lonely children.  A Buddy Bench would help alleviate the anxiety that comes with approaching others. Buddy Benches have been used throughout the world to help eliminate loneliness and foster friendships on the playground. By sitting on the Buddy Bench, a student can non-verbally signal that he/she is looking for someone to play or talk with.  Most children of this age like to be helpers and make other people feel included, so I have no doubt that a student sitting on the Buddy Bench will not be lonely for long.



    Buddy Bench


Last Modified on March 13, 2019