• What is the PAWS program?


    PAWS is our school-wide behavioral philosophy.  At Winfield Elementary, we strive to play fairly, act kindly, work hard, and show respect.  Our students are introduced to these behavioral expectations, while our teachers and staff actively teach students exactly what these behaviors look and sound like.   

    PAWS: Play Fairly, Act Kindly, Work Hard, Show Respect  

    How does PAWS work?


    All students will have the opportunity to earn tickets for demonstrating behaviors aligning with our PAWS philosophy.  The ticket will be placed into his or her classroom bucket.  One ticket will be drawn from each class weekly.  The owner of the ticket will be awarded with a small prize or an experience, such as a pencil or lunch with a teacher.


    We have set an initial goal for our students to reach a combined total of 3000 tickets earned throughout the school year.  A school-wide assembly was given just before winter break, and the students learned that not only did we meet our goal for the year...we EXCEEDED it!  To keep the momentum going, a new goal has been established.  For every 1000 additional PAWS tickets earned school-wide, a teacher will be randomly selected to wear a tutu (decorated in PAWS tickets) for a day.  A paw will be colored in on our chart for a visual reminder of the students' progress.  IF the students color in all four paw prints (4000 tickets) Mrs. Sims will kiss a real, live horse!  We are almost there...EEEK!     












Last Modified on May 9, 2019