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    Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Script Waking Sleeping Beauty Script Aesop's Fables Redux Script
    Brothers Grimm's
    Sleeping Beauty
    Aesop's Fables
    Director: Ben Land
    Asst Director: Elena Bir
    Supervising Director: Mr. Degenhart
    Narrator 1: John Poponas
    Narrator 2: Emma Maddack
    Prince 1: Sam Novotny
    Rapunzel: Madison Flewelling
    Snow White: Isabella Wright
    Cinderella: Suzannah Lopez
    Wicked Step-Sister 1: Miabella Gundich
    Wicked Step-Sister 2: Grace Besedick
    Girl|The Devil's Grandmother: Olivia Budzevski
    Dirt Merchant|Prince Charming|God (Off Stage Voice): Cooper Vickers
    Actor|Hansel: Christopher Gloff
    Enchantress|Wicked Stepmother: Clare Dillon
    Witch|Witch 2: Willow Beemsterboer
    Rumpelstiltskin|Doctor: Ben Smith
    The Devil|The Devil 2: Trey Blanton
    Gretel|Herald: Olivia Helmuth
    Prince 2|Mac: Hudson Cornett
    Dwarf|Bird: Kalliopi Sakaleros
    Dwarf|Bird: Kane Sarna
    Dwarf|Bird: Kacper Seville
    Dwarf|Bird: Addison Tabor
    Director: Katie Mojica
    Asst Director: Blake King
    Supervising Director: Mr. Degenhart
    Mathilda: Payton Jorgensen
    Fairy: Star: Annie Correlli
    Fairy: Autumn: Delaney Garcia
    Fairy: Brook: Erini Sakalaros
    Fairy: Fern: Annalise Degenhart
    Fairy: Ocean: Gena Paviadakis
    Fairy: Lily: Kendra Ill
    Fairy: Summer: Avie McBride
    Harold: Ashton Rager
    The Royal Stove-Toucher: Jimmy Voss
    King Mortimer: Garrett McWhorter
    Queen Darling: Avery Cornett
    Princess Aurora: Emma Bragg
    Fauntleroy: Davison Rager
    Balderdash: Logan Schumacher
    Townsperson: Joe: Joseph Pena
    Townsperson: Sam: Hannah Gerner
    Townsperson: Kelsey: Kiers Pena
    Townsperson: Pat: Brooklyn Carter
    Townsperson: Hunter: Kayden Rodriguez
    Directors: Alex Drakulich & Carlton Rager
    Asst Director: Monika Krcoski
    Supervising Director: Mr. Degenhart
    Narrator: Connor Phutawon
    Child: Alexander Moore
    Wolf 1: Elena Iloski
    Wolf 2: Hannah Flewelling
    Wolf 3: Taiman Koemel
    Shepherd: Arianna Smith
    Sheep: Kaylee Godek
    Sheep Ensemble: Sophia Chip
    Sheep Ensemble: Taizer Koelmel
    Woman: Anya Velgos
    Fox: Troy Pence
    Hare: Kaitlin Flewelling
    Crane: Reese Taylor
    Tortoise: Caleb Halko
    Woodsman: Luke Neal
    Mercury: Anastasia Sakalaros
    Neighbor: Chance Hahn
    Crow: Evelyn Webb
    Milkmaid: Madeline Degenhart
    Farmer|Man: Alek Krcoski
    Dog 1: Claire Rager
    Dog 2: Olivia Bulanda 
    Wife: Molli O'Berry
    Goose: McKinley Cowser
    Grasshopper: Elaina Whitaker
    Ant: Claire Peterson
    Lion|Sheep: Henry Coulman
    Donkey: Sam Schultz
    Boy: Jack Trathen
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