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CP Birth to School Programs

  • Infants and Toddlers (ages 0-2): A 45-minute playgroup for children ages 0-2 along with their caregivers. Fun developmental activities are provided that encourage sensory exploration and early learning in a safe environment. 

    Preschoolers (ages 3-5):  A 75-minute program for children ages 3-5 along with their caregivers. This time includes story/circle time, early learning and art activities, as well as cooking activities.

    Child and Caregiver Playgroup (ages 0-5): A 60-90-minute playgroup for children ages 0-5 along with their caregivers. Fun activity stations are set up to provide a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Snacks are provided. 

    Music and Movement (ages 0-5): A 60-minute program full of musical fun for children ages 0-5 along with their caregivers. This time includes singing, dancing, and playing instruments as well as movement activities that build fine and gross motor skills, encourage listening, and help develop turn-taking and social skills.

    Kindergarten Readiness Series (for children entering kindergarten next year):  A 60-minute playgroup for children coming to kindergarten next year along with their caregivers. Each meeting includes fun learning activities to help children and caregivers prepare for kindergarten and meet future classmates.

    Early Literacy Group (ages 0-4): A 4-session series for caregivers with children ages 6 months to 4 years. Caregivers will learn about how to boost early brain and language development through everyday interactions using a fun new technology.

    Caregiver Café:  A 60-minute time for caregivers to unwind with a snack and chat with other caregivers. This time will be provided to share resources others use within the community and to get information on a variety of child development topics.

    CPCSC Birth to School Webpage: You are here now. Links to websites, apps, and ways to assess and enhance your child’s development will be available. Visit often to see what new resources have been added!