• Elementary Home-School Compact


    What is a Home School Compact?


    According to the 1994 Title I amendments, a school-parent compact is an agreement developed between parents and schools "that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state's high standards." The document serves as a blue-print — specific to the school — for everyone participating in a child's education. Oftentimes, a compact is signed by parents, teachers and students as a sign of commitment, though this is not required by law.

    How will the Home-School Compact be publicized, discussed, and signed?

    • Teachers will present and distribute the Home-School Compact to parents and students at their Open House for the school year.
    • Teachers will discuss the Home-School Compact with students during the first two weeks of the school year.
    • The Home-School Compact complete with Teacher, Parent and Student Signatures will be returned to the teacher within two weeks after the school’s Open House.

    The Home-School Compact will be publicized at Elementary School Registration, on walls or bulletin boards in school buildings, on the Crown Point Community School Corporation Webpage, and in Student Handbooks.


    What if a parent or student refuses to sign the Home-School Compact?


    Parents or students who decline to sign the Home-School Compact will be asked to sign a document stating that they declined. If a parent or student declines to sign the second document, the administrator will document that the parent or student declines to sign the Home-School Compact.


    How will the Home-School Compact be supported?


    The Home-School Compact will be supported by

    • training teachers and administrators in the meaning and use of the document.
    • providing teachers and administrators training in current and effective teaching practices.
    • providing teachers and administrators the opportunity to collaboratively plan lessons and discuss student work.
    • providing a resource center for parents with written and visual resources to instill the value of education in their children.
    • scheduling periodic seminars for parents on parenting and educational issues.


    How will the Home-School Compact be used?


    The Home-School Compact will be used to

    • discuss student progress during the school year and parent-teacher conferences.
    • explain the school's high academic standards and high expectations for all students
    • begin and improve programs for family involvement.
    • periodically evaluate each persons implementation of the compact.
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