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GQE Test
 To ensure you master reading, writing, and math skills, you are required to pass the Graduation Qualifying Exam (GQE) in order to earn a high school diploma
SAT Test
 Registration, test dates, fees, and everything you want to know about the SAT's
ACT Test
 Everything you need to know about the ACT test
 Information regarding the PSAT.  Includes who should take this exam. This exam is required for National Merit qualification
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Advanced Placement Exams (AP)
 Advanced Placement program information
Crown Point High School
DateRegistration DeadlineLocation
Sat., 12.13.1411.7.14CPHS
Tues., 4.28.15*See below*CPHS
** All CPHS 11th grade students were registered to take the ACT exam (with writing) during CPHS registration in August 2014.  This exam is administered during the school day at CPHS.  

A series of ACT exams will be administered on April 28th.  The ACT exams assess high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college level work.  The multiple-choice test cover four skill areas:  English, mathematics, reading and science.  Juniors will be taking the ACT College Entrance Exam (including the written portion). Juniors will have the opportunity to have their ACT scores sent directly to colleges of their choice.  CPHS is entering its fourth year of using the ACT exams to measure college readiness and student growth from the year before.  Fees for the ACT exam administered on April 28, are added to CPCSC registration costs (outlined below).   
 9th Grade ACT Aspire$18.00 
10th Grade ACT Aspire $18.00 
Information for dates excluding Tuesday April 28, 2015
Fees : ACT (no writing)  $38.00
          ACT Plus Writing  $54.50
Please note, most schools require the writing component for college admissions.
*Register on-line at
Crown Point High School
Date Registration Deadline Location 
Sat., 10.11.14 9.12.14 CPHS 
Sat., 12.6.14 11.6.14 CPHS 
Sat., 6.6.15 5.8.15 CPHS 
Fee for SAT  Test is $52.50

*Register on-line at 

Crown Point High School Code:  150685

Crown Point High School
Grade 10 & 11                                                                                       
Date Registration Location 
Wed., 10.15.14 9.9 thru 9.23.14 CPHS 
The PSAT is an exam co-sponsored by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). The PSAT is a standardized test that provides firsthand practice for the SAT.  It also gives students a chance to enter NMSC scholarship programs and gain access to college and career planning tools. 10th Grade students will have their PSAT paid for by the Indiana Department of Education.  11th grade students that wish to take the PSAT, and potentially qualify for National Merit Scholarships, will be required to pay $14.00.  Juniors may register to take the PSAT in the Bookstore September 9 -19th.  11th grade students that do not wish to take the PSAT will be administered the ASVAB exam.  The ASVAB exam is free of charge through the ASVAB career exploration program.  It is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test battery in the world.  The ASVAB was originally designed to predict future academic and occupational success in military occupations, since 1968 numerous validation studies indicate the ASVAB assesses academic ability and predicts success in a wide variety of occupations.  Several composite scores are formed from different combinations of ASVAB test scores. Three composites, or Career Exploration Scores, are provided specifically to help students engage in career exploration. These scores help students get a good sense of their verbal, math, and science and technical skills compared to other students in the same grade.
For answers to frequently asked questions on Interpreting PSAT results please click here